Office and Event Manager

Operations - On-site
This position is no longer available.

Do you consider yourself a people-person as much as a processes person? As an Office and Event Manager, you'll be integral to cultivating company culture and steering the ship in the right direction. 

As an Office and Event Manager, you’ll be the face of FishingBooker’s office environment and provide seamless experiences through regular interactions with visitors, candidates, suppliers, and employees at every level. You will create, improve processes and do whatever it takes to keep the company and its people productive. 

Office management is dynamic and requires hands-on work where you need to roll up your sleeves to get things done. There’s space for creativity when it comes to the office employee experience however, a lot of work requires you to communicate with various parties, organize them, and get things done yourself (e.g. rearrange an office or go pick up equipment from a supplier). If you’re ready to take on the challenge, keep reading!

About the job and team

On a daily basis, you’ll be communicating and working with a variety of internal and external stakeholders depending on the task at hand. Broadly, your role forms part of the Operations team and you’ll work closely with the rest of the People Operations and Employer Branding sub-teams to execute projects and initiatives. Initially, you’ll report directly to the COO and long-term to the Head of Employer Branding. 

As an office and event manager, you’ll be responsible for the following:

  • Office equipment, supplies, and improvements: procurement of equipment, software, and services relevant to the office and users. Identify and organize office repairs where needed.

  • Team and company events: plan and organize various company and team events (e.g. annual fishing trips, monthly chill-out Fridays). 

  • Business trips: organize and book accommodation, car rentals, and flights for business trips.

  • Security: organize and provide appropriate access levels to the office for visitors, suppliers, candidates, and employees (e.g. access cards, fingerprint access, parking access, etc). 

  • Employee experience: source and organize various employee benefits (food options, private health insurance, etc). 

About you

Ideally, you’ll already have experience working as an Office and Event Manager. Long term, your goal is to grow and develop in this role for at least two years. In addition to this, you’re:

  • Flexible. You can accommodate and aren’t bothered by frequent changes in your daily schedule, you can easily work and adjust to other working styles and are comfortable with teams, individuals, and management. 

  • A great communicator. You’re comfortable communicating with all kinds of people and backgrounds, can effectively explain new policies or changes, and enjoy being the go-to person for anything office-related. 

  • Organized with time and project management skills. Being in charge of multiple projects means you’re great at maintaining organization with schedules and deadlines, you can delegate tasks where needed, and are able to multitask when necessary. 

  • Creative. You enjoy and are good at coming up with unique solutions to various problems. 

  • Proactive with strong initiative. You’re comfortable with challenges and can anticipate needs - you’re good at prioritizing requests from others, managing expectations, and can streamline output. 

  • Dedicated and persistent. Results are important to you and it doesn't matter whether you need to repeat the same task over and over again, you care about getting things done. 

  • Knowledgeable with finance and data: You understand basic financial principles mostly to do with invoices. It’s a plus if you have experience using data to make objective decisions. 

  • And above all, an optimist and someone who genuinely cares about providing great experiences. 

What do you get?

  • Salary. We have defined roles and salary ranges for all positions, depending on your experience and how you perform in the interview process - you can expect a net salary between €875 - €1,150. We re-evaluate salaries in the company on a yearly basis. 

  • Time off. You’ll start with 23 days of paid vacation (additional days are provided depending on how long you work at the company). We pay sick leave at the rate of 100% for periods shorter than 30 days and don’t ask for paperwork unless it will take longer.

  • Clear career path. When we start working together, every six months (April and October) you will receive a detailed performance review from your team lead with clear instructions on how to grow further. During these periods, you will also be eligible for salary increases based on how you progress in line with your career path.

  • Flexibility. This role is office-based however, hours of work are relatively flexible as long as they allow you to do your job and have good collaboration with your team. Generally, you’d be most productive in the office starting from around 9 am. Our office is next to Delta City in Novi Beograd. 

  • Company-sponsored fishing trips. It’s important that you get to experience the product FishingBooker sells, so we will treat the whole company to a fishing trip every year. In 2019 we went to Rovinj, Croatia, in 2018 we went to Fujairah, UAE, and you will contribute to making this year's trip another one to remember. You will have a diverse team of supportive, caring, and friendly colleagues from all over the world with whom you’ll be able to enjoy additional team-building activities over the course of the year.

  • Private health insurance. FishingBooker provides a private health insurance package.