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FishingBooker is the world's leading online travel company specialized in fishing. We are one of Southeast Europe's fastest-growing tech companies, enabling easy access to great fishing for anglers everywhere.

We are looking for a Product Manager ready to change the sportfishing industry with us, with a focus on our customer-facing product.

You will join our team in Belgrade, Serbia, in a fast moving, “scale-up” environment. Reporting to the CEO, you will take part in a vibrant, maturing startup that values strong execution, teamwork and growth.

About us

  • We are a 2-sided online marketplace. We operate in a niche market of the sportfishing industry. We connect the world’s top charter captains and anglers looking to go on private, mostly single-day fishing trips. Our key market is the USA, but we booked captains from 70 countries in the last year, taking more than 400,000 people fishing.

  • We don’t have direct competitors. The industry is complex enough and the size of the market is small enough so that it’s expensive for any new player to become a direct, immediate competitor. The thing big companies can’t easily beat are the costs of running operations from Serbia, even though we pay top salaries.

  • We run an independent, profitable operation. Even though we're part of the tech industry, we like running our business in a healthy, fully independent and sustainable way. We stay away from the Silicon Valley startup culture and venture capital hype.

  • We were brought up on Lean startup principles. That helped us to build up the product by taking small chunks of risk we can chew on. We avoid making massive investments based on assumptions and use data to steer development.

  • We’re experts in customer acquisition. The company roots and initial success are based on deep knowledge of SEO and paid marketing. Highly attuned paid marketing is one of the fundamentals of FishingBooker. Eight years after being founded, FishingBooker is one of the strongest Google Ad partners in the Western Balkans.

  • Our product is complex and offers a multitude of problems to solve. The type of problems we face as a platform is similar to other big online travel platforms (the well-known ones you use to book vacations every year), yet we have two to three orders of magnitude fewer resources than those companies. That's a perfect playground for sharpening your product management skills.

About the job

In this role, your team and you will be responsible for driving the product roadmap focused on how customers use FishingBooker to plan and book fishing trips. Your team will drive improvement of the customer experience and growth by understanding customer needs, identifying new areas for growth and customer loyalty, and building products that connect passionate anglers with fishing guides.

You’ll work closely with the Design, Engineering, Data and QA teams on coming up with and delivering solutions to the problems you prioritized. You will also partner with teams such as Customer Happiness, Business Development, Marketing, Legal and Finance to uncover deeper market insights and customer needs.

Our product feedback loop is immediate which means we can rapidly iterate and deploy. If you enjoy iteratively building applications from the ground up, leveraging the newest technologies to delight users, and executing like an entrepreneur in a small, multidisciplinary team, you’ve found the right place.

As a member of the Product team at FishingBooker, you’ll have the freedom and autonomy to do your best work, with plenty of support along the way, working alongside the people who built the company and still lead it today.

In broad terms, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Product roadmap. You will be responsible for telling us what to build next, as you will be owning a roadmap for our customer-facing side of the product. 

  • Ruthless prioritization. Being comfortable with saying "no" to a series of awesome features that just need to wait.

  • Research and analytics. Validating hypotheses, conducting customer interviews, usability tests and mining data from various sources to uncover insights.

  • Managing stakeholders. Creating compelling narratives and working closely with stakeholders to get their buy-in.

  • Pitching solutions. Writing well structured and clear product pitches, using our shape-up guidelines.

  • Driving delivery. Working closely with the development team to deliver the solutions you pitched and prioritized for the development cycle.

  • Owning the outcome. Gradually taking over the responsibility for the business outcome of the solutions you built. You will be setting, managing and delivering on critical metrics and OKRs for the product areas you manage.

Here’s how our team approaches product work:

  • We value lean thinking. We practice a lean approach to product development, using data from multiple sources as well as different product management techniques to discover key problems worth solving.

  • We shape-up solutions. We discover problems in a different way than most companies you've had a chance to work in. When we prove a hypothesis, we conduct thorough planning for the features we build inspired by Basecamp's Shape Up method to ensure long-term maintainability, drive impact and eliminate waste.

  • We don't use scrum. Instead, we work in six week development cycles, followed by a two-week cooldown period reserved to plan the next development cycle, manage technical debt and try out new ideas.

  • We're data-informed. We don’t like to assume what impact our changes will have on user experience and make decisions based only on gut-feel. Instead, we A/B test most changes and rely on thorough instrumentation and access to analytics for data-informed decision making.

  • We're coachable. Because the industry we’re in is a niche that isn’t built into the culture of European nations, we need you to start humble and allow yourself to be coachable, while getting up to speed and gaining confidence to take the lead.

  • We respect your focus. Our entire business is run over Basecamp. That's a work philosophy you'll love once you get your mind into it. You'll be writing more than talking, you'll be reading more than watching. Asynchronous communication means you won't be constantly interrupted and can control and organize your time, maintaining your focus when you are the most productive. 

  • We don't do daily standups. We use written daily check-ins on Basecamp. We value freedom but carry responsibility for our choices.

About you

We’re looking for someone with extensive consumer-facing product management experience and a love for setting up high quality products that users love. You should have a good intuition and eagerness to learn about the dynamics of two-sided online marketplaces. We understand that you won't know how all the systems work on day one, and we don’t expect you to. Solid fundamentals with customer development, product discovery and delivery techniques, experimentation, and teamwork pave the way.

If you consider the following true, there’s a good chance you’re a good fit for this role:

  • You are fluent or native in English and Serbian.

  • You have a computer science bachelor's degree or other engineering degree equivalent.

  • You care about the user experience. You are eager to develop a deep understanding of our customers, yet know how to prioritize solutions that are aligned with our business’ vision and strategy (you’ll get there gradually, of course).

  • You quickly grasp technical concepts and are comfortable talking with developers. You use various product management techniques to find the essence of the problem. You have an entrepreneurial mindset. You are a great communicator and work your way around obstacles - big or small.

  • Rather than following strict processes, you are someone who is not afraid to explore different solutions using Lean product management techniques. Your true power is influence and rallying teams towards the same objective.

  • You are comfortable with getting your hands dirty and hacking your way into either validating your hypothesis or solving the bare essence of the problem.

  • You have knowledge of multiple functional areas such as Product Management, Engineering, UX/UI, Sales, Customer Support, Finance; understanding of go-to-market commerce enablers (e.g. payments, loyalty, subscriptions, etc.) and online marketing channels.

  • You have excellent written and oral communication skills with proven ability to quickly absorb technical concepts and effectively communicate them to a non-technical audience.

Pay and benefits

  • Full-time contract. FishingBooker hires Product Managers on a full-time employment contract (ugovor o radu) and offers 23+ days of paid vacation, plus public and religious holidays observed in Serbia.

  • Pay in the top 10%. We pay in the top 10% of tech companies depending on your seniority rate for tech jobs in Belgrade, Serbia. We assess seniority relative to the team at FishingBooker during the interviewing process. We also offer stock options to Senior Product Managers and above.

    • Associate Product Manager: 1.600 EUR to 2.000 EUR net

    • Product Manager: 2.300 EUR to 2.900 EUR net

    • Senior Product Manager: 3.550 EUR to 4.350 EUR net* (you can choose to invest part of your salary into stock options)

    • Group Product Manager: 5.100 EUR to 6.100 EUR net* (you can choose to invest part of your salary into stock options)

  • Clear career path. When we start working together, every six months (April and October) you will receive a detailed performance review from your team lead with clear instructions on how to grow further. During these periods, you will also be elgibile for salary increases based on how you progress in line with the career path. 

  • Flexible hours. You are free to set your own working hours, as long as they allow for good collaboration with your teammates. At FishingBooker, we value flexibility, freedom and focus. We are a remote-friendly company and the majority of our team works from home.

  • Remote friendly workspace. Once you’re fully onboarded, you will be able to choose whether you come to the office or work from the comfort of your home. This means that you don’t necessarily need to be located in Belgrade but, you need to be able to attend the final round of interviews and be onboarded initially in our office. Our office is next to Delta City in Novi Beograd and has plenty of parking available if you prefer to come to the office by car.

  • Private health insurance. You'll have a chance to participate in our private health insurance plan, fully subsidized by FishingBooker. Additionally, if you are interested in transferring your family to our insurance partner, we can assist with negotiating terms.

  • Mentor and a full onboarding plan. Although we are looking for someone with experience, you will be assigned a mentor as well as a full onboarding plan where you will learn the ins and outs of the business, how we work in the team and our tech stack. We also provide company-sponsored books, training, and courses.

  • Company sponsored fishing trips. It’s important that you get to experience the product FishingBooker sells, so we will treat the whole company to a fishing trip every year. In 2019 we went to Rovinj, Croatia and in 2018 we went to Fujairah, UAE. You will have a diverse team of supportive, caring and friendly colleagues from all over the world with whom you’ll be able to enjoy additional team-building activities over the course of the year. 

  • Apple equipment. Our standard equipment setup typically includes the latest Apple Macbook Pro 13’ or 16’, coupled with 1-2 Dell Ultrasharp 24’ monitors and the Magic Mouse / Keyboard combo. If you prefer to work with a different setup, you’ll be able to choose your equipment, of course.

We look forward to hearing from you! ✌️

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