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  • Extended fishing trips – $475

If you’re a passionate angler and adventurer, you have to test your angling skills on the Russian fishing scene at least once in your lifetime. And in the biggest country in the world, you better believe that there’s a great deal to explore.
River and lake fishing are popular Russian pastimes, and it’s hardly a surprise why, seeing as the action is stupendous. In this vast country, you can hook both Atlantic and all five Pacific Salmon, though you’ll have to venture into the wild to find the most productive spots. Trout fishing is equally established and you can look forward to hooking Brook, Lake, and Rainbow Trout in pristine, remote streams and rivers.
Looking for an exotic trophy? You’ll be wowed by the strength, size, and beauty of Taimen Trout, especially if you target it on the fly. Fishermen who prefer to stay closer to cities can treat themselves to excellent Pike, Burbot, Zander, and Perch fishing in the nearby rivers and lakes.
Having a guide is highly recommended for a well-rounded and safe fishing trip, and there are outfitters who organize multi-day fishing expeditions. This is a completely immersive experience, where you’ll spend several days in the wild, living in cabins, fishing, and enjoying nature away from the daily grind.
Some of the best starting locations for your Russian fishing adventure include Krasnoyarsk, Kola Peninsula, Kamchatka, and Lake Baikal, to name a few.

Reglas & Regulaciones

The type of fishing license you’ll need solely depends on the part of Russia you’ll be fishing in. Make sure to discuss all the regulations and requirements with your guide before the trip. Some outfitters insist on you having health insurance before you go, which is a good idea when going off into the wild.


If you don’t mind the cold, and cold it will be, wake up early and go out for some ice fishing. Chances are that the bodies of water around you are frozen solid, and you can hook anything from Char and Perch to Northern Pike.

The weather is still quite frigid, but that’s good news for ice fishermen. There are plenty of fish to target in February including Zander, Pike, Perch, and Char, which are the most common catches.

Slowly, very slowly, the temperatures are rising, but the ice is still thick in some parts of the country. In warmer areas, Perch are starting their spawning season and are very active.

Atlantic Salmon anglers impatiently wait for April, as it signifies the return of their favorite fish to the Kola Peninsula. The spring Salmon run begins this month and the action is fast and furious!
In Northern Russia, Atlantic Salmon are biting left and right, and in the other parts of the country, Trout are joining the fold. You can expect excellent bite, especially when it comes to Taimen Trout.
Just as Atlantic Salmon are leaving for the summer, Pacific Salmon are coming to Kamchatka and Sakhalin. Seasonality varies from species to species, and Chinook with Rainbow Trout are the first to arrive.
Whether you're fishing for Trout or chasing Salmon, you can't go wrong in July. You can also find good Burbot and Zander closer to civilization if you don’t feel like going off into the wilderness to catch fish.
While Taimen Trout can get quite lethargic in the summer, their Lake, Brook, and Rainbow relatives are very active and hungry. Pacific Salmon are still very much present and fishing is in full swing in the east.
The weather is getting colder, which means that a lot of fish are becoming more active. The Taimen bite is top-notch, Pike are voracious, and you can also catch the Atlantic Salmon fall run in the north.
Pacific Salmon are slowly leaving, as are all types of Trout. But worry not because Perch, Pike, and Burbot are there for the taking. You can even try some night fishing for Zander!
With November come freezing temperatures, and that means the comeback of ice fishing. Perch, more than any other fish, love this time of year. If you’d like to do something different, Grayling fishing will pick up mid-month.
Boy, it’s cold in December! Make sure to dress very warm before you hit the ice to fish for Pike, Zander, Perch, and Arctic Char. Look for the spots where locals are fishing and drill your hole there, just keep a respectful distance.

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