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Fishing Day with Doc & Georgie
Dawn L. fished with Kekoa Charters on Julio 10, 2020
Don’t forget your sunscreen before you go & always remember to be prepared for’s called “Fishing”
Morning back country trip with Capt Morgan
David B. fished with Florida Backcountry Fishing on Junio 15, 2020
Take a guide, you can't get to the places without knowledge of these waters. Be smart
Fishing with George
Mary B. fished with Kekoa Charters on Diciembre 19, 2019
Find a good experienced captain like we did. It makes all the difference
Half day trip in the back country with Clyde
Terry M. fished with Florida Backcountry Fishing on Noviembre 7, 2019
Do your homework. Don't settle for the cheaper price. Those boats are cheap for a reason. Found that out the hard way back in February this year.
Half day with captain Clyde Morgan
Jessica S. fished with Florida Backcountry Fishing on Julio 27, 2019
This was my first time fishing so I don’t know - but I had a great time and we caught lots of fish
4 Hours
Kenneth W. fished with Dauntless Fishing Charters on Julio 25, 2019
Wear long sleeves in a breathable shirt and polarized sunglasses for those that haven't been out on the water. The sun will get you and it reflects of the water pretty heavily.
Full day with Captain Charles
Susan S. fished with Tekéze Charters on Julio 17, 2019
Beautiful, but hot. Bring lots of drinks and sunscreen.
Amazing trip and guide!
Rey Q. fished with Katz Charters on Julio 10, 2019
Take in the experience and feel the energy of the place.

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