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3/4 day with Captin Andy
Guy B. ha pescado con Captain Andy's Fishing Charters el Diciembre 30, 2019
Go out during the time of year that the fish you want to catch are biting.
3/4 day trip with captain sean
Chris J. ha pescado con Tightlines Saltwater Fishing Charters el Junio 29, 2019
Sunscreen. And to not try and specifically target a single species. To many options and variables just go and have fun. A bad day on the water is still a great day
Full Day with Captain Sean
Sam S. ha pescado con Tightlines Saltwater Fishing – Offshore el Junio 11, 2019
Sunscreen, water, lunch, and some dramamine if sea sickness is a concern
Fishing with Matt
Kevin T. ha pescado con Captain Matt Starling el Marzo 7, 2019
Go later in March we were here early probly a week to early but definitely go fishing down here
3/4 Day
April T. ha pescado con Tightlines Saltwater Fishing Charters el Noviembre 23, 2018
Pack a coat that is weather resilient with a hood!
6 hour / 3/4 day trip with Captain Yeckley
Tim B. ha pescado con Tightlines Saltwater Fishing Charters el Octubre 31, 2018
Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a jacket. Most definitely be prepared to document your experience with either a camera or phone. The captain was very knowledgeable about historical places and landmarks, as well as about the wildlife. We saw many migratory birds. In my opinion, this added tremendously to the experience. Most of all, be open minded, and willing to experience it all. Just because you dont catch fish, doesnt mean you wont have a good time.
October fishing trip
Kim P. ha pescado con Coastal Ga Fishing - Savannah el Octubre 13, 2018
Try planning your trip base on rides and the moon
Fishing with Matt
Patricia P. ha pescado con Captain Matt Starling el Octubre 6, 2018
The experience was fantastic. 1st the live bait had to be caught. Then captain Matt knew where to go to catch fish. We were reeling in as fast as the bait hit the water. Great fishing day.

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