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Reviews of Fishing in Rogue River

2 full day trips 4 people
Bill M. fished with Steve Huber's Guide Service - Rogue on Septiembre 6, 2018
just do what the captain instructs you to do ie; if he tells you it's best to keep the rod in the pole holder then do it and don't hold the rod. thats why you loose fish. tip the captain well if you like him and he performs.
Fishing with James Keeling
Stephen H. fished with James Keeling Guide Service on Agosto 3, 2018
I have been fishing Southern Oregan & Northern California rivers for over 20 years and found that each day and each week can be different for size and quanity of fish. I recommend come up with a positive additude and enjoy the surroundings with friends and family.
All day trip with Captian Bill
Richard M. fished with Salmon King Lodge Guide Service on Septiembre 10, 2017
Use Salmon King Lodge for your fishing trip. They know the river and their knowledge about the fish and what bait works best are incredible.

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