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Madeira fishing is OK.
Guenter K. fished with Madeira Marlin - Balancal on Agosto 31, 2018
You can try everything you like. The captains always will ask you what you want to fish and how. I have chosen trolling but there is also bottom fishing,... We rent an appartement near the harbour. So it was an easy walk in the morning (5 minutes)to the boat. And as you leave very early in the morning you can get breakfast at the harbour promenade. There is a nice Cafe which was open at 8 when I arrived.
Fishing with Ricardo
John A. fished with Madeira Sight Casting on Agosto 21, 2018
To go with an experienced crew and just enjoy the day.
Graham and orlando
Martin M. fished with Gavito - Big Game Fishing on Julio 20, 2018
There are no guarantees of catching . That's fishing though. As far as charters are concerned,the Gavito and crew were the best.
7 days on Gavito
FishingBooker Member fished with Gavito – Sportfishing on Julio 4, 2018
Don’t expect to catch a monster easily
Afternoon and evening trip with Ricardo and Sergio
John P. fished with Madeira Sight Casting on Junio 27, 2018
Not to worry, the people from Madeira are so helpful. Just take sun cream and a coat as it can get cold at night.
Three day trip with Captain Graham
FishingBooker Member fished with Gavito - Big Game Fishing on Junio 25, 2018
To trust Gavito's crew and you are in for a great experience. Do take lots of sunblock and maybe a book to read whilst resting a bit in the cabin during the intense midday sunny periods. Stay close to the fishing chair so you will be prepared when you get a bite. Train your hand for some tough reeling in when the fish is on the hook!!
Full day trolling on Gavito
FishingBooker Member fished with Gavito - Big Game Fishing on Junio 13, 2018
Book with Captain Graham on Gavito.! Pick your target species and go for it.! You never know what will happen.!
Full-day shared, excellent bottom-fishing
Thomas M. fished with Madeira Big Game Fishing - Our Mary on Junio 6, 2018
Bottom-fishing out by the islands is awesome, super-rich with fish. Smaller fish but still very fun.