Cero Mackerel Fishing

Cero Mackerel Fishing

Cero Mackerel

Cero Mackerel
  • Size 3 to 10lbs
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore

(Scomberomorus regalis)

Cero Mackerel is a widely underappreciated relative of the well known Spanish and King Mackerel, perhaps because it's more scarce in US waters. Still, this species is often referred to as the best of the Mackerels, for its good game and great food qualities.

Cero look much alike Spanish Mackerel, but differ by the side patterning - Cero have a stripe and spots, whereas Spanish Macks only have the spots.

How big

Cero are also somewhat bigger than Spanish Mackerel and are common up to about 10lbs. The maximum size reported is 22lbs.


The species ranges from Massachusetts to Brazil, but is rare north of Palm Beach, FL. They are abundant in the Keys, the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean Sea. They can be caught year-round and spawning takes place offshore during summer.

How to catch

Cero are normally solitary fish, but can be found schooling over reefs/wrecks and ledges up to about 70ft deep. They are caught in a similar way to Spanish Mackerel - fast trolling bait such as small whole or cut fish or squid, or lures like silver spoons, white jigs, plugs or chuggers.

They have sharp teeth and using a wire leader is advised so they wouldn't bite through the line. Cero are also often used as bait for larger pelagics.

Good to eat?

Arguably the best tasting of all Mackerel. They are considered to yield sashimi-grade meat by some and are delicious when consumed raw.

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