Blue Cod Fishing

Blue Cod Fishing

Blue Cod

Blue Cod
  • Size 10-28 cm
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Low
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore, Inshore

(Parapercis colias)

Anglers know Blue Cod by many names, including New Zealand Cod, Sand Perch, and a number of Māori names—rāwaru, pākirikiri, and patutuki. Found exclusively off the coast of New Zealand, this species is not to be confused with the Sable species in the U.K. that also goes by the name “Blue Cod.” Plump, delicious, and always eager to bite a bait, anglers are never disappointed to find one of these on the end of their lines!

How Big?

Blue Cod typically live for 10-15 years and range from 10-28 cm in length. On rare occasions, this fish is known to live for over 30 years and can grow to 50 cm. The IGFA all tackle record stands at 1.72 kg (3 lb 12 oz).

When and where

You’ll find Blue Cod all around New Zealand, but they tend to be concentrated in the south. These fish live anywhere from rocky coastline to waters 150 m deep.

Your chances of catching a Blue Cod are fairly consistent year-round, but it may not always be legal to keep this fish. In the Marlborough Sounds, the season closes each year from late December to September.

Blue CodAnglers often catch Blue Cod while fishing near rocky shoreline and reefs

How to catch Blue Cod

Blue Cod are sinfully easy to catch! They’ll bite just about anything you drop in front of them, and there’s no need for fancy tackle. It’s generally recommended to select a relatively light weight rod for the conditions you’re fishing in. You can catch Blue Cod by drift fishing or jigging.

Good to Eat?

This chubby fish produces excellent fillets and can be served pan-fried, baked, crumbed, or battered. Catch yourself a keeper and enjoy a mouth-watering supper!

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