Breaksea Cod Fishing

Breaksea Cod Fishing

Breaksea Cod

Breaksea Cod
  • Size 1.5 kg
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore, Reef, Wreck, Inshore

(Epinephelides armatus)

Breaksea Cod is native to Western Australia and the only species in its genus. This fish comes in a wide range of colors, from green, gray, and brown mixtures to a bright yellowish-orange. This unique bottom-dwelling creature has earned a few names that are almost as colorful as he is, including Tiger Cod and Black-arse Cod (due to a distinct dark spot around the anus). While anglers rarely cast their line with the intention of hooking into a Breaksea Cod, he’s always a welcome addition to the dinner menu!

How Big?

Breaksea Cod typically weigh 1.5 kg, but specimens as large as 3kg have been recorded.

Where and When

You’ll find this fish anywhere in Western Australia from Shark Bay to the Recherche Archipelago. Breaksea Cod inhabit wrecks and reefs, both inshore and offshore in waters up to 100 meters deep. This species is closed to harvest in the West Coast Bioregion (from Black Point, east of Augusta to the Zuytdorp Cliffs, north of Kalbarri) from mid October to mid December.

How to Catch Breaksea Cod

There isn’t any specific method to catching this fish, since it’s considered a bycatch when targeting other species. You’re likely to hook into one while drift fishing or bottom fishing. Breaksea Cod will attack your bait aggressively, giving the impression that you have something much larger on the end of your line. Once hooked, however, these fish are relatively easy to reel to the surface. 

Good to Eat?

While Breaksea Cod is rarely targeted, this fish is nothing to turn your nose up at! This is a superb eating fish, especially when seasoned and baked whole in the oven.

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