Gilt-head (Seabream) Fishing

Gilt-head (Seabream) Fishing

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Gilt-head (Seabream)

Gilt-head (Seabream)
  • Size 0.4 to 2.6kg (1 to 6lbs)
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Inshore

(Sparus aurata)

Gilt-head Seabream are considered to be the tastiest of all Porgies and are native to the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

How big

They're commonly caught around 14'', but there are reports of some reaching 28'' and 37lbs.


They can be found in the Mediterranean Sea and from the British Isles to West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. They mostly inhabit shallow waters with grassy/sandy bottoms up to 100ft of depth, but can be found as deep as 500ft.

They are usually solitary fish, schooling only during spring in brackish, estuarine, environments.

How to catch

These fish have very tough mouths, so razor sharp hooks are advised. As for bait, natural is best, and it can be worms, crabs, clams or prawns.

Good to eat?

Gilt-head is the most popular table fish of all Seabreams, with mild-tasting and delicate flesh.

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