King George Whiting Fishing

King George Whiting Fishing

King George Whiting

King George Whiting
  • Size 3 - 11 lbs
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Low
  • Habitats Inshore, Nearshore, River

(Sillaginodes punctatus)

Long and slightly sad-looking, the King George Whiting may not be the best-looking fish, but it certainly is one of the best tasting. Requiring sensitive handling and very light tackle, this is one of those fish that you won't complain about finding in your fish box.

Where to go King George Whiting fishing

Endemic to Southern Australia, they can be found from Jurien Bay in Western Australia to Botany Bay in New South Wales. Look for them in coastal waters, near beaches and in estuaries, over sand, weedy patches, and shallow reefs.

What do they look like?

The largest member of the Whiting family, these slender creatures can grow to a length of up to 72 centimeters, weighing up to 4.8 kg. They are easy to distinguish thanks to their pale brown/olive colored back and silvery underside. 

How to catch a King George Whiting

Bait fishing is by far the most effective method for these timid fish, although some people have some success with artificial lures (sandworm pattern soft baits can work). Use very lightweight gear - they tend to suck on bait, and you need to make sure you don't retreive it before the hook has been set.

Good to eat?

Very - they are highly prized for their soft, delicate texture.

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