Best Marlin (Blue) Fishing Charters in Willemstad

Top Marlin (Blue) Fishing Charters in Willemstad

Willemstad Marlin (Blue) Fishing Seasons

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Marlin (Blue) fishing in Willemstad varies slightly throughout the year. High season is September to November. Low season is April to June. There is no closed season.

Reviews of Fishing in Marlin (Blue) Fishing in Willemstad

"8 hour day of fishing "

John Daniel fished with Fish Curacao on Papucho IV on March 2, 2018

Meet Captain Gordo and General the deck hand. Headed out and hooked several fish but some got off. We had two Marlin on at one time, one got off but landed the other one. On way back to port we hooked a Sail Fish and landed it. The captain and deckhand was right on the spot. Would recommend the boat and crew highly. I filled two fish on my bucket list with this crew. Thanks guys!!!

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