Musselcracker Fishing

Musselcracker Fishing


  • Size 77 lbs
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Nearshore

(Cymatoceps nasutus)

Also known as the Black Musselcracker and Poenskop Seabream, this South African fish has seen better times. Musselcracker fishing was so popular throughout the 20th century that it resulted in severe population decline of the species in the last 30 years. So much so that the IUCN classifies it as a vulnerable species.

How Big?

Musselcracker can reach almost 5’’ in length, and the largest recorded specimen was weighed at 77 lb.

When and Where

Native to Western Cape, South Africa, this species is most prevalent in nearshore and offshore reefs at depths up to 260 feet. While they can be caught all year round, the best option is to target them during spring if possible. Musselcracker tend to reside in clear and clean water, and will avoid sandy areas.

How to Fish

Successfully catching a Musselcracker often involves a drawn-out struggle. You’ll be best served with a rod that’s long, strong, and light. They love eating Crab, but also won’t refuse live fish bait.

Good to Eat?

If you plan on eating the Musselcracker you catch, the rule of thumb is that smaller specimens taste better than their larger kin, but it’s a great-tasting fish regardless. Be aware that size and bag limits do apply.

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