White Perch Fishing

White Perch Fishing

White Perch

White Perch
  • Size 0.5–1 lb
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats River, Inshore

(Morone americana)

Even though it’s called White Perch, this fish is actually part of the Bass family. Not only that, but the name “White Perch” is sometimes also used when referring to the White Crappie. Moving past the confusing name, this silvery-white fish is considered a nuisance species by a number of states because it’s capable of destroying entire fisheries.

How Big?

An average White Perch comes at 8-10” long and weighs around 1 lb or less. The current IGFA world record for the species rests at 3 lb 8 oz.

When and Where

Confined to North America, White Perch resides in brackish waters of the East Coast, from South Carolina all the way up to the Saint Lawrence River in Canada. Chesapeake Bay in particular is home to a sizeable population of White Perch.

How to Fish

Experienced anglers use bloodworms for catching White Perch, but a regular earthworm will also do the job (just not as well). In the warmer months of the year, minnows can also be used for good results. If you plan on using lures, a word of advice–use small lures and small hooks.

Good to Eat?

Not only is White Perch fun to catch, it makes for delicious table fare. Some of best fried fillets you’ll have, guaranteed.

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