Pike Perch (Zander) Fishing

Pike Perch (Zander) Fishing

Pike Perch (Zander)

Pike Perch (Zander)
  • Size 2–10 lbs
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Lake, River

(Sander lucioperca)

Pike Perch, commonly known as Zander, is a staple of European freshwater fisheries. It bears resemblance to its American cousin, the Walleye, making it easy to confuse one for the other when you’re looking at a photo. Its characteristic stubbornness made Zander fishing popular with sport anglers.

How Big?

The average length of a Zander ranges from 15.5-31.5”, with the largest recorded being an impressive 47”. The current IGFA world record was made in Switzerland, for a fish weighing 25 lb 4 oz.

When and Where

First appearing in the Danube, Zander quickly spread to cover wide swathes of Eurasia, including Great Britain, North Africa, Siberia, and Kazakhstan. The species is active throughout the year, its optimal water temperature being 80°F. Summer is the best time to catch them, but you’ll find plenty of Finnish anglers ice fishing for Zander during the winter months.

How to Fish

The number one piece of advice you should follow when Zander fishing is to use small bait. They are known to go in schools, so it’s always a good idea to check your surroundings after catching one of them.

Good to Eat?

The taste of Zander is virtually indistinguishable from Walleye. In other words, excellent. A beloved delicacy in Polish and Serbian cuisine.

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