Pink Maomao Fishing

Pink Maomao Fishing

Pink Maomao

Pink Maomao
  • Size 28-30 cm
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Inshore, Nearshore, Offshore, Reef

(Caprodon longimanus)

Pink Maomao, also called Longfin Perch, is a species of sea bass that inhabits the southeastern Indian Ocean and the southern Pacific Ocean. Due to their bright pink color, many anglers know them affectionately as “Pinkies.” Females wear a bright pink-to-red hue, while males boast pink scales and yellow spots. At night, they tuck themselves into rocky areas and turn to an orange-red shade. Due to their introverted lifestyle, little is known about these stunning, stylish fish.

How Big?

Pink Maomaos can grow to about 50 cm in length, but typically measure around 28-30 cm long. The IGFA world record stands at 0.62 kg (1 lb 5 oz).

Where to find Pink Maomao

You’ll often catch this fish off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. Pink Maomao swim in water ranging from 0-400 meters deep (mere inches to over 1,000 feet). They prefer warmer waters and typically stay in depths of 20-50 m.

How to Catch Pink Maomao

Anglers mainly catch this fish by bottom fishing and spearfishing near reefs.

Good to eat?

Pinkies have thick, white flesh and are excellent eating fish.

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