Australian Salmon Fishing

Australian Salmon Fishing

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Australian Salmon

Australian Salmon
  • Size 1 to 2.5kg
  • Food Value Low
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Inshore, Nearshore, Flats

(Arripis trutta)

Eastern Australian Salmon, or Kahawai, are a widely popular saltwater sportfish in southeastern Australia and New Zealand. They are hard fighting and aerial fish and their flesh quality is prime.

Even though they're referred to as Salmon in Australia, they are in no way related to the Salmon of the northern Atlantic and Pacific. They are also often compared to the Seatrout based on their miopic luring habits - flies of a similar texture to their prey work extremely well on both species.

How big

Kahawai are commonly caught between 1 and 2.5kg, with fish rarely growing to 6kg.


The species is common around the North Island of New Zealand and can be found in south and southeastern Australia and South Africa.

How to catch

These fish are very grateful to target. Flocks of birds are often indicative of their feeding frenzies and drifting through the spotted school out of gear while jigging the bait is sure to produce a hit if done properly.

Kahawai will take a wide variety of bait. Natural choices include small fish like anchovies or pilchards, and artificials can be metal jigs, soft plastic lures on lead-head jigs or a variety of flies, as mentioned. The most important thing is that the lure size corresponds to the actual current size of their prey. Surface poppers also work great. If you'd like to learn more, here is an excellent resource for details on all Kahawai fishing techniques.

The species can be found inshore and is often caught from beaches.

Good to eat?

They need to be iced and bled immediately after capture to alleviate the strong taste. They should also be consumed promptly because the flesh doesn't keep well. They're best smoked.

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