Scorpionfish Fishing

Scorpionfish Fishing


  • Size 1–3ft
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Nearshore


As the name suggests, this fish is every bit as ferocious as its land-based friend! The Scorpionfish is a reef-dwelling member of the wider Scorpaenidae family, and packs the poisonous punch to prove it. With a whole host of toxic spikes and spines scattered across its body, as well as the ability to camouflage itself, you might think it wise to give this species a wide berth – but it can be surprisingly fun to target!

How Big

The Scorpionfish generally grows no longer than 3 feet. Given that it's incredibly venomous, we think this is definitely a case of the smaller, the better!

Where and When

The majority of Scorpionfish can be found lurking around the many reefs of the Indo-Pacific’s tropical waters – the shallower the reef, the better. Although you might think that most anglers would give this fish a wide berth, it’s actually a surprisingly popular target species. It’s a master of disguise, cleverly camouflaging itself against rocks and reefs, which makes locating one all the more exciting.
Scorpionfish can be hooked year-round, with the most plentiful time being between January and April. 

How to Fish

One of the most popular ways to target this fish is by spearfishing along the shallow reefs. The Scorpionfish is highly poisonous, so make sure you wear gloves and protective scuba gear if you choose to come this close to it! Another effective method is combining live bait trolling with jigs. Again, if you plan on keeping your catch, make sure to use protection during handling.

Good to Eat?

It may seem surprising but – yes! This fish is especially delectable when breaded and lightly fried.

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