Scup (Porgy) Fishing

Scup (Porgy) Fishing

Scup (Porgy)

Scup (Porgy)
  • Size 12-14"
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Inshore, Nearshore

(Stenotomus chrysops)

If Scup had a motto, it would be “easy catching, good eating!” There are about a hundred different fish who go by the name “Scup” in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, but the one we’re talking about is found almost exclusively from Massachusetts to South Carolina. Anglers have been fishing for Scup (aka Porgy) in these waters since colonial times, and actually adopted the name for this fish from the Narragansett Indian word for them: mishscuppaug.

How Big?

Scup typically grow to 12-14” and weigh between 0.5-2 lb, but they’re known to grow as long as 18” on occasion. The IGFA all tackle record for this fish is 4 lb 9 oz.

When and Where

Scup in the Atlantic migrate inshore to spawn during spring and stick around through summer. May through October is prime Scup fishing season for anglers, who hook into this species while fishing from boats as well as from shore. Look for this fish around rocks, jetties, and piers.


Scup (Porgy) caught in Bourne, MA

How to Fish

You can catch Scup by drifting, bottom fishing, and jigging. Medium tackle, 10-20 lb test line, and natural bait like squid or clam tongues will get the job done. Bear in mind that there are regulations to keep this species from being overfished, so make sure you’re aware of open seasons as well as size and bag limits beforehand.

Good to Eat?

Scup often pales in comparison to other bottom fish due to how bony it is, but the taste is worth the extra effort that goes into preparing this fish! It’s common to broil, bake, and pan fry whole Scup. This species also makes excellent fish sticks, which are about the size of a fillet.

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