Tope Shark Fishing

Tope Shark Fishing

Tope Shark

Tope Shark
  • Size 4 to 5ft
  • Food Value Low
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Offshore

(Galeorhinus galeus)

Tope sharks, also commonly known as School sharks, are widely targeted light tackle sized sharks. They pose no threat to humans and are fished for game and food purposes.

Due to high fishing pressures and common school segregation based on sex and age (making them especially susceptible), Californian and Australian waters have been overfished, with the latter recovering slowly. The species is currently marked as vulnerable.

How big

Tope sharks grow up to 6.5ft, with average fish ranging between 50 and 80''. 


Tope sharks can be found in temperate coastal waters worldwide, with particularly popular fisheries being off the UK, California, South Africa, south Australia and New Zealand

How to catch

Topes can be found in depths up to 2600ft, but are often caught feeding close to surface. They are mostly a protected species, but, if fishing for them, it should only be done with very fresh fish or squid bait. Chumming will be helpful, as with other sharks.

Good to eat?

Not very tasty, and mostly illegal to land.

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