Sierra Mackerel Fishing

Sierra Mackerel Fishing

Sierra Mackerel

Sierra Mackerel
  • Size 1–12 lb
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Inshore, Nearshore

(Scomberomorus sierra)

Often referred to as the “mini Wahoo” thanks to its shape and speed, the Sierra Mackerel is truly a force to be reckoned with. This member of the Scombridae family gives an impressive run at the end of a line, and its strength makes it the perfect opponent for fly and light tackle anglers alike. It’s also a prized eating fish, so you’ll be rewarded with tasty table fare at the end of your battle.

How Big?

It depends on where you’re fishing, but Sierra Mackerel usually weigh anywhere between 1–12 pounds, and tend to max out at around 20 pounds. This makes them perfect for lighter tackle action!

When and Where

This feisty fish usually inhabits inshore coastal waters, and can be found anywhere from Southern California all the way down to Southern America. They’re an especially popular catch when it comes to surf fishing, with Mexico’s Pacific Coast being an especially productive locale.
Although they’re technically year-round fish, they’re at their most active during the cooler months, with November through March offering up the best Sierra bite. 

How to Fish

As we mentioned, surf fishing straight from the Pacific Coast’s many beaches is a popular tried-and-tested technique. Most anglers choose to use either light tackle or fly gear, as this means that the hard-fighting action that these fish provide can really be appreciated. Due to this species’ ferociously sharp teeth, wire leaders and lines are recommended.

Taste Good?

Absolutely! Often compared to the Spanish Mackerel but with a lighter, milder taste, it’s a popular barbeque staple, and can also be enjoyed in fresh ceviche recipes. 

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