Mullet Snapper Fishing

Mullet Snapper Fishing

Mullet Snapper

Mullet Snapper
  • Size 35 cm
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Inshore, Reef

(Lutjanus aratus)

Also known as Pargo Lisa, the Mullet Snapper has a long, slender body which sets it apart from most other Snapper species. This fish comes in a variety of hues, from silvery red to an almost yellow color. Fish found in deeper water tend to be red. “Mullets” are B-list celebrities when it comes to the Snapper family, but they still make for good sport and excellent table fare!

How big?

Mullet Snapper typically measure about 35 cm in length and can grow up to 100 cm. They can weigh well over 30 lbs, with the IGFA all tackle record standing at 45 lbs 12 oz.

Where to find Mullet Snapper

This fish inhabits the eastern Pacific Ocean, mainly from Mexico to Ecuador and the offshore islands in between. Mullet Snapper make inshore rocks and reefs their home, and anglers catch them frequently in bays and coastal outcroppings. You can also catch this fish in deeper water, up to around 150 feet.

How to Catch Mullet Snapper

Few anglers head out to sea with the intention of landing a Mullet Snapper for sport, but this fish is a good fighter that will add plenty of action to your fishing trip. They strike hard and run fast, which makes them fun to catch on spinning and baitcasting gear. You might also hook into this Snapper species while drift fishing, jigging, surf casting, or even anchoring up to chum. Bait selection ranges from natural and artificial lures to flies.

Good to Eat?

Like most Snappers, Mullets make for an excellent meal. Hook into one of these on your next fishing trip and you’re in for an unexpected treat!

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