Squid Fishing

Squid Fishing


  • Size 1–6ft
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore


This multi-limbed member of the Cephalopod family is a great “starter” species for younger anglers, a delicious target for foodies, and also provides plenty of action for those who want to return from sea with a dramatic tale or two! Whether you’re looking to fry up some calamari or boast about escaping a Kraken-sized beast, Squid fishing’s got you covered.

How Big?

Your Squid’s size will depend on which subspecies you’re targeting, but the majority of these creatures don’t reach more than 2 feet in length. Giant Squid, a popular variant, tends to measure 3–6 feet. The largest Squid fishing record currently stands at a whopping 33 feet, though, so it’s safe to say you might find a massive surprise at the end of your line!

Where and When

Squid species are targeted all around the world and are especially popular in the Mediterranean. They prefer calm saltwaters, usually at least a couple of meters below sea level, but they’re highly adaptable to a variety of fishing grounds. This means that you can find them pretty much everywhere!
The best time to target Squid is either at nighttime or during the early morning hours. This is when they’ll be feeding, which means plenty of water activity.

How to Fish

Getting the timing right will go a long way towards making your Squid fishing adventure productive. Squid are attracted to light, so take advantage of this and lure them out of their hiding places by focusing your efforts around light sources. 
Bottom fishing is the most effective technique for this species. You’ll want to attach a specific “Squid jig” to your line, then mimic the pattern of a prawn or similar prey when your jig is close to the ocean floor. Once your Squid’s taken the bait, reel it in steadily and slowly – and watch out for its infamous ink!

Good to Eat

A resounding “Yes!” Squid is known around the world for its fantastic taste, so get ready to tuck in. 

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