Striped Trumpeter Fishing

Striped Trumpeter Fishing

Striped Trumpeter

Striped Trumpeter
  • Size 1.2 meters
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Offshore, Reef, Wreck, Inshore

(Latris lineata)

Some say that Striped Trumpeter (also called Tasmanian Trumpeter) is the finest eating fish in the sea, and they may just be right. This hard-fighting and delectable fish is iconic among anglers in the southern hemisphere. Hook into one yourself and you’ll soon see why!

How Big?

Striped Trumpeters can grow to 120 cm (47 in) and 25 kg (55 lb).

When and Where

Anglers commonly catch Striped Trumpeter in Tasmania, Victoria, and South Australia, but these fish can be found around New Zealand and South America, as well. They inhabit rocky reefs in water 50-400 meters deep (160 to 1,310 ft).

In late winter and spring, Striped Trumpeter move inshore to spawn in reefs closer to the coast. During this time, anglers target them in 30-50 meters of water. For a bigger catch, however, your time is better spent fishing offshore. Reefs in water 100-300 meters deep are prime Striped Trumpeter territory.

How to Fish

Bottom fishing with relatively heavy tackle and braided line is the only way to get this hard-fighting fish to the surface. Once hooked, hold on tight—you’ll feel like they’re bound to pull you right over the side of the boat!

Once you manage to land your catch, be sure to bleed it right away and keep it on ice. This will preserve the quality of the meat until you’re back on shore and ready to cook it.

Good to Eat?

Yes, fantastic in fact! Striped Trumpeter tastes great grilled, sauteed, and steamed. Dig in!

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