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Tuna (Yellowfin) fishing in Curazao varies slightly throughout the year. High season is March to July. Low season is January to February and August to December. There is no closed season.

Top Tuna (Yellowfin) Fishing Charters in Curazao

Reviews of Fishing in Tuna (Yellowfin) Fishing in Curacao

Open Charter with Kenny
Jeff D. fished with Fish Charter Curacao - Plan B on Febrero 19, 2019
Come prepared for rough seas and you won't be disappointed
Half day AM with Derik
Jason J. fished with Smallfield Adventures– Party Hooker on Julio 3, 2018
Be prepared for waves and plan accordingly. Don't expect to catch a ton, it is not like on TV, but the potential is definitely there...on a positive note, you only need to go about 1/2 mile out to get into the deep water.
Excellent Trip
Antoun A. K. fished with Desperado Boat Trips Curacao on Junio 27, 2018
Don’t forget the sun screen! Don’t expect to keep the catch!
8 hour trip with Cpt Dylan and Carlos
Drew S. fished with Desperado Boat Trips Curacao on Mayo 28, 2018
When fishing in Curacao be aware that the stiff trade winds create rough seas, the fish are big and put up a good fight but fishing here is not for the weak stomached, and I would not recommend for people new to deep sea fishing.
Half day trip on the papa go with captain Gordo
Matthew P. fished with Fish Curacao on Papucho IV on Febrero 28, 2017
Have a good time and remember fishing is called fishing for a reason.

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