Tailandia Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Charters

Tailandia Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Charters

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Best Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Charters in Tailandia

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Tailandia

Yellowfin Tuna
  • Size 15 to 150lbs
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Excellent
  • Habitats Offshore

(Thunnus albacares)

Charter fishing for Tuna in Thailand is an unforgettable experience for tourists and professional anglers alike. Going it alone isn’t an option here – take a trip with a captain who knows the local waters and has specialist Tuna fishing equipment if you want to get the most out of these rich fishing grounds. 
If you’re after a saltwater trophy fish, Tuna fishing in Thailand is a great place to start. The best thing is, your guide will help you reel in the monster that’s waiting on the other end of your line, no matter if this is your first time holding a rod or if you’re a pro angler. 

Where to catch Tuna in Thailand

You can find Tuna trips leaving both from Pattaya and Phuket, as well as from any of the numerous islands. Depending on your budget and holiday destination, you can test the waters around the Similan Islands, Ko Samui, the Phi Phi Islands near Phuket, Ko Pha-ngan, Ko Tao, and Krabi. If you can make the trip, the Mergui archipelago off Myanmar is an excellent place not just for Tuna, but for all types of species. This chain of 800 islands is surrounded by the rich waters of the Andaman Sea. 
The popular diving destinations of Racha Yai and Racha Noi are also Tuna fishing hotspots. As well as Tuna, you can find Barracuda, Marlin, Mackerel, and stunning Mahi Mahi around the deep sea pinnacles off Racha Noi. 
One thing you should know when you’re on the hunt for Tuna – you can often find them by looking out for seagulls flocking around the water. These birds are helping themselves to the batifish that the Tuna are chasing after under the water. Your guide will be on the lookout for these birds so that you have the biggest chance of catching a trophy!

How and when to catch Tuna in Thailand

Tuna is one of the strongest and largest ocean predators. As if that didn’t make them hard enough to catch, they’re constantly on the move!
There are two main types of Tuna targeted on Thai fishing charters – Yellowfin and Skipjack. Yellowfin Tuna is one of the most prestigious and attractive types of Tuna in the world. Peak season for Yellowfin is from January to March and again from October to December. Your chances of finding this predator are lower in May and June. You can find the smaller Skipjack all through the year. 
The most popular (and easiest) way of catching Tuna is by trolling. And when it comes to bait, this is down to your captain – each one has their own favorite, according to the conditions on the day and the season. Most captains find live bait and squid most effective. 
For a real adventure, try your hand at catching a Tuna in Thailand. Just don’t forget to bring your camera to capture that moment of you reeling in what could be one of the biggest fish of your life!

Tailandia Yellowfin Tuna Temporadas de Pesca

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Yellowfin Tuna fishing in Tailandia varies moderately throughout the year. High season is January to March and October to December. Low season is May to June. There is no closed season.

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Rough sea in the morning, calm and flat in the afternoon. Shallow water avg 40m
5.0 / 5
Rough sea in the morning, calm and flat in the afternoon. Shallow water avg 40m
Robert  B.
Robert B. San Diego, CA
Be ready to feel the burn on your arms the next day from fighting these awesome fish
5.0 / 5
Be ready to feel the burn on your arms the next day from fighting these awesome fish
Gary  H.
Gary H. Bangkok, 10

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