Weakfish Fishing

Weakfish Fishing


  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Backcountry, Inshore, Nearshore

(Cynoscion regalis)

Part of the same family as the Spotted Seatrout/Speckled Trout, the Weakfish is an enjoyable game fish of the Cynoscion genus. Offering a fun fight on light tackle and a good meal afterwards, this sometimes overlooked fish is always worth targeting.

When and where 

Weakfish can be found on North America's east coast, from the north of Florida up to Nova Scotia, Canada (although it is not often found north of Massachussetts). The state fish of Delaware, it is best targeted here and in New York in the Summer, while Florida to North Carolina is best for Weakfish fishing in the Winter. 

This is a schooling species that prefers inshore sandy bottoms in the summer and deeper waters in the winter. Never venturing into freshwater, it can be caught in estuaries, bays, and in the surf.

How to catch a Weakfish

The Weakfish's name doesn't come from its fighting ability - in fact, it has been described as the 'gamiest' fish of its genus. It can be targeted with conventional, spinning, or fly tackle, and can be targeted by trolling, jigging, or surf fishing. The most effective way to target it is by chumming the water around a drifting or anchored boat, although it can also be fished for by shore-based anglers from piers, docks, and bridges.  

Are Weakfish good to eat?

Yes - their tender meat is very moist and full of flavor. It should be eaten very fresh as the meat does not keep well.

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