Lake Whitefish Fishing

Lake Whitefish Fishing

Lake Whitefish

Lake Whitefish
  • Size 2 to 8lbs
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats River, Lake

(Coregonus clupeaformis)

Whitefish are prime tasting freshwater fish from the same family as Salmon, widely harvested commercially in the Great Lakes and popularly targeted by recreational anglers throughout North America.

How big

Out of the three Whitefish species, the most common Lake Whitefish are also the largest, averaging at 2 to 8lbs and growing up to 15lbs.


These fish are distributed throughout Alaska and Canada. They are available in the Great Lakes and from New York to Maine in the USA.

They move into rivers and streams in early spring, to return to lakes once the May Flies start hatching. They will stay close to the surface feeding on them until the hatching is complete, at which point they will head to deeper waters. They stay deep throughout the summer and move back to rivers to spawn in the fall.

How to catch

Whitefish have tiny mouths and very small baits and hooks are advised. Maribou jigs, in-line spinners and small fluttering spoons will be the most effective, but flies will work as well when they are close to the surface.

Good to eat?

Whitefish yield some of the best tasting white meat out of any fish. They should be bled as soon as captured and the greyish red tissue between the meat and skin should be removed.

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