Wolffish Fishing

Wolffish Fishing


  • Size 9–10 lb
  • Food Value None
  • Game Qualities Excellent
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore

(Anarhichas lupus)

There are many things that separate the wonderfully weird Wolffish from the “pack,” but perhaps their most notable feature is their teeth! Like their land-based lupine friends, these fish have razor-sharp chompers lining their mouths as well as their throats. If that’s not creepy enough, they also possess antifreeze capabilities, meaning they thrive in deep, cold waters. It’s fair to say that Wolffish fishing is a scarily good experience!

How Big?

The largest Wolffish on record weighs in at almost 40 pounds, and measures 5’ long. Their general average weight, however, is around 10 pounds.

Where and When

As we said, Wolffish love deep waters – the colder the better! They prefer to lurk around the hard ocean floors of the Atlantic, and are especially drawn to underwater caves and crevices. Although they can be found on both sides of the North Atlantic, they’re especially prolific around Europe, and inhabit waters spanning from Russia’s White Sea, to the Nordic coastlines, and around the British Isles. 

How to Fish

Wolffish are greedy predators, and their sharp fangs mean that they’re able to chow down on a whole variety of tasty dinner options. They mainly feed on crustaceans and mollusks, but are known to take well to artificial lures, even though other fish aren’t usually a part of their diet.
As they tend to lurk at the bottom of the ocean floor, using a deep drop or bottom dropper loop is a must. A braided line means less chance of breakage, too. This species is often called “the fish with a temper,” so make sure you’re prepared for the battle that will ensue!

Good to Eat?

Regulations mean that, despite it’s pleasant taste, the Wolffish isn’t up for grabs when it comes to hooking table fare. However, the once-in-a-lifetime experience of coming face-to-gills with this deep sea beast is reward enough in itself! 

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