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Add your boat details, photos and payment policies during your registration. Once you set your listing live you can start receiving reservations immediately.

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We present your listing in a way that's relevant to anglers. We also market your listing on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to help you sell more trips and increase revenue!

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Approve or decline booking requests right from your phone. Customers leave reviews of their trip which helps to build your online brand and attract even more business.

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Capt. Darnell Greenway
Stevensville, US
Listed since March 2016
Capt. Herman Haddaway
Neavitt, US
Listed since May 2017
Capt. Shawn Brumley
Deale, US
Listed since March 2017
Capt. Thomas Hallock
Deale, US
Listed since October 2017
Capt. Justin Kaufman
Stevensville, US
Listed since April 2016
Capt. Bob Flynn
Deale, US
Listed since February 2017
Capt. Jason Seman
Stevensville, US
Listed since March 2018
Capt. Robert Flynn
Edgewater, US
Listed since August 2017

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Your questions answered

¿Cómo me pagan?
You get paid directly from the customer. FishingBooker reserves the deposit and you collect the remaining balance. For day trips, you can collect the balance 1 day before the trip or on the day of the trip. For multi-day trips, you can collect the balance up to 60 days before the trip. In the event that the customer breaches your cancellation policy, FishingBooker will release the full amount of the security deposit equal to the commission rate you’ve selected.

How do I avoid double bookings?
There are several ways in which we prevent double bookings – you can update your calendar on FishingBooker, or send us a text to update it for you. Even if your calendar is not up to date, you will be prompted to accept or decline a booking each time you receive a new booking request. If the Instant Book feature is on, the bookings you get will be automatically accepted.

¿Cómo sê que tengo una reserva?
Each time a customer requests a trip with you through FishingBooker, you’ll get an email and a text message. You can accept or decline the booking by responding to one of these messages, or directly through your FishingBooker account. If you accept, the deposit will be reserved on the customer’s credit card and you’ll receive their contact details to get in touch with them and arrange all the details.

¿Cómo puedo contactar al cliente?
You can get in touch with customers once they send you a message or a booking request. You can see all of your conversations in your Inbox. You can chat with your customers here, invite them to fish with you, or upsell them on trips. If you have an unread message, you will see a notification in the top right-hand corner of the page.

¿Cómo hace dinero FishingBooker?
FishingBooker keeps a commission from every successfully booked trip that takes place. We only make money when you run trips that you accepted. The commission is flexible and can be set as low as 10% or as high as 30%. The higher the percentage, the higher you rank on FishingBooker for your location. By setting a higher commission rate, you are automatically opting for a higher security deposit, having in mind that the security deposit percentage is equivalent to the commission rate that you choose.

¿Qué pasa con las reservas en caso de mal tiempo?
If you need to change the date of the trip but haven't spoken to the customer yet, you can contact them to discuss the details, or you can contact us and we will reach out to your customer to propose the changes. FishingBooker will notify you of their decision via SMS and email. If the customer doesn't accept the change, we need to cancel the booking and refund the customer according to FishingBooker's Bad Weather cancellation policy.

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