Billy Lamarque

Member since June 2015 Le Morne, Mauritius
Grandson of a professional fisherman, fishing has been in my blood since birth. First of all, it is my passion and I've been fishing professionally for more than 20 years. I will be pleased to share my knowledge of fishing in the Mauritian waters with you and maybe even learn something from you.
Whenever possible I like to do around 3 hours of livebaiting along the drop off in the morning and lure trolling to cover more ground afterwards.However,there are some times of the year when live bait is scarce and we troll with lures only.

Hey, I'm Captain Billy Lamarque

Le Morne, Mauricio
Grandson of a professional fisherman, fishing has been in my blood since birth. First of all, it is my passion and I've been fishing professionally for more than 20 years. I will be pleased to share my knowledge of fishing in the Mauritian waters with you and maybe even learn something from you.
Whenever possible I like to do around 3 hours of livebaiting along the drop off in the morning and lure trolling to cover more ground afterwards.However,there are some times of the year when live bait is scarce and we troll with lures only.
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Fishing Reports

Big yellow fin tunas 160 lbs and 180 lbs

February 21, 2020

Fishing Booker customer Mr Ashley and his wife joined us for their first deep sea fishing experience.With reports of the big tunas being in the area we went out looking for them.We soon spotted a school and within minutes… Read Full Report →

4 marlin strikes in 1 day

February 15, 2020

Our regular customer Mr Peter was with us for yet another exciting trip.Just one hour into the trip we hooked an estimated 700 lbs blue marlin .The fish was flying across the sea trying to free itself.After it calmed… Read Full Report →

Lost 1 got 1

February 05, 2020

Our fishingbooker customer Mr Stuart got onboard with his team in search of a deep sea fishing experience.With windy conditions prevailing since a week we headed downwind.Knowing that dorados like chasing flying fishes when it's windy it wasn't long… Read Full Report →

Big wahoo and sailfish

February 01, 2020

Half day fishing with a group of French friends.They were hoping to catch a shark,so on our way out we looked for the schools of skipjack tunas to get fresh bait for livebaiting but the skipjacks were not very… Read Full Report →

Double Strike

December 19, 2019

After trying to get some skipjack tunas for livebaiting and not catching any we moved to a hotspot hoping for a marlin to grab one of the lures.Water temperature was very promising in that area.After about an hour we… Read Full Report →

Lost 3 Blue marlin

December 09, 2019

We were out with Mr Robert and his friends from Sweden .Main target was Big Fish.With a flat sea we gave up trying to get live bait and set our lure spread instead.It was really quiet for the first… Read Full Report →


November 28, 2019

Mr Ryan and his girlfriend joined us for this trip in search of mahi,tuna and marlin.With a very rare flat sea,the fishes were extremely shy.While trolling in a pod of dolphins we spotted a log floating and there were… Read Full Report →

4 species

July 10, 2019

With reports from the previous day not being very promising we hoped for luck.One boat had earlier come across a piece of rope drifting and caught a wahoo and 2 dorados.We headed to that area and after half an… Read Full Report →


June 26, 2019

Mr Marcus joined us on this cloudy winter morning hoping to have some fun.After about an hour of trolling we came across a big weed line and we spotted some dorados chasing baitfishes close by.After a change in the… Read Full Report →

Off season blue marlin

May 15, 2019

Mr Ralph brought a couple of friends to accompany him and his wife on this trip.We headed straight out for the deep waters with reports saying that the day before about had found a wooden log floating and there… Read Full Report →

Full action trip

May 11, 2019

We were out with Mr Greg and his fiancee Lucy for a half day trip.Having very windy days earlier during the week we picked a better day.On the way out we had the opportunity to stop by the dolphins… Read Full Report →

The fearsome Dogtooth Tuna

March 26, 2019

Early action on the first drop off with the run of small bonitos.As soon as we had the second line in the water we started catching the bait sized bonitos.After about half an hour we hooked a bigger one… Read Full Report →

Sailfish caught on Billfish

March 24, 2019

The plan was to do some small game fishing.We started our trip targeting some small bonitos as there was a good run at that time.We caught about 15 of them then we moved into deeper waters to look for… Read Full Report →

Big Yellowfin on light tackle

March 19, 2019

Being right in the middle of the annual big tuna migration and the bite slowing down in the morning we were out for an afternoon trip with a regular guest.Just after putting the 3rd line in the water we… Read Full Report →

Half tuna for us and half for the shark

March 13, 2019

It was a very calm and sunny day and we could see lots of big yellow fin tuna jumping and there were schools here and there.The only difficulty was to get one to bite.We changed lure colours and shapes… Read Full Report →

650 lbs blue marlin

March 09, 2019

We headed out at 7:10 a.m with Mr Nikolei and his son on a rainy morning with big yellow fin tuna as target because they have been showing up everyday.Jerome was setting the third lure in the spread when… Read Full Report →

Big Yellowfin are here

February 27, 2019

We were very unlucky that morning after having a double strike and loosing both fishes.The smaller marlin (200 lbs) jumped a lot and spat the hook and the much bigger one (700 lbs) took 750 metres of line,started jumping,… Read Full Report →

Blue Marlin release

December 12, 2018

Our team of South African customers were after their first big fish ever.With very calm seas and not many bites in the normal fishing area we decided to head south to look for some action.We found a school of… Read Full Report →

A busy trip

November 16, 2018

We started our trip on this cloudy morning knowing that the marlins were not around in big numbers yet due to the lower than normal water temperature for the season.So the plan was to look for the other fishes… Read Full Report →

Good workout with Dorados

November 01, 2018

We headed out with a very flat sea and some current and decided to work the weedline we found after about an hour of trolling.We took the right option as we caught 2 very nice 20 lbs dorados in… Read Full Report →

Wahoo and yellowfin tuna

October 31, 2018

We went out with our regular guests for a half day trip.There was not much action on the first drop off so we moved a bit further when the rubber bands on the center rigger snapped and we caught… Read Full Report →

Wahoos are here

October 19, 2018

We went out for a half day trip and before we had all the lines in the water we hooked 2 Wahoos at the same time on the short corner lures.The smaller one weighed 14 lbs and the bigger… Read Full Report →

First fish ever

August 25, 2018

Our fishingbooker customer Mr Stephan and his son Collin joined us for a first fishing experience from a boat. Just after getting out we spotted a humpback whale and her calf playing around.Unfortunately there was not much bird activity… Read Full Report →

Winter fun

August 16, 2018

Our customers were looking for a nice day at sea and the sea was a bit bumpy but who cares when the fishes are biting.30 minutes into the trip we heard on the vhf that a boat had found… Read Full Report →

Short bill spearfish caught on Billfish

April 04, 2018

Mr Markus and his wife joined us for a half day trip on Billfish.The first hour was very quiet then another boat found a school of big skipjacks and made a call on the vhf.All boats that were fishing… Read Full Report →

Teased by marlins

April 03, 2018

We went out with Mr Ben and his family on his son Noah's birthday.Main target was to get some action for Noah and his brother Sam.We found a school of skipjacks just after 30 minutes and it was game… Read Full Report →

Big Yellowfin Tuna caught on Billfish

March 20, 2018

Having fished twice and not been lucky on another boat,Mr Slava booked Billfish for half a day.Being a keen fisherman in Russia his dream was to catch a good size fish just to get the feeling of being in… Read Full Report →

Off season big yellowfin tuna

January 25, 2018

We were out for a full day trip targetting blue marlin.With many boats getting marlin strikes on lures our plan was simple ;lure trolling.Mr Peter,the customer,has fished with us for many years and has caught a 750 lbs black… Read Full Report →

Blue marlin on 50 lbs line

January 23, 2018

On Mr Barry's second attempt and 3rd marlin strike,we succeeded.With a lot of surface activity;birds everywhere,and reports from the other boats fishing in a competition we decided to spend as much time as possible around the skipjack schools in… Read Full Report →

Black Marlin on live bait

January 03, 2018

Mr Alexander was targetting a marlin having no success in his previous attempts in other countries.We had planned to get some good sized skipjacks for live baiting along the drop off.Early we caught 3 bonitos and trolling in the… Read Full Report →

Non stop action

November 29, 2017

Our Russian customers got onboard at 7:00 a.m and their main target was to get a marlin.We trolled along the drop off but there was no surface action at all,so we moved to the deeper waters and an hour… Read Full Report →

Black Marlin

November 25, 2017

Mr Alexander chartered the Billfish for a 8hrs trip looking for some good time on the water and he was on the fighting chair early into the trip.We found a school of skipjack tuna (bonito) and small yellowfin tuna… Read Full Report →

No time for pictures

November 15, 2017

Mr Nick and his wife to be joined us for a full day trip with the wish of getting something nice specially a marlin or a dorado, being the two species of fish he had not caught yet .Less… Read Full Report →

Not a bad day after all

July 31, 2017

We started our troll along the first drop off looking for an early wahoo or a sailfish with Mr Pete.As it was very quiet we decided to move to deeper waters where we found a school of dorados.We caught… Read Full Report →

Early action

June 14, 2017

Before our last lure in the spread hit the water one of our 80lbs reel on which was our long corner lure was screaming.The adrenalin rush was short as the sailfish did not have another go at it.10 minutes… Read Full Report →

End of summer competition

May 06, 2017

We joined in the all crew fishing competition organised in Black River representing the last competition for the season.Out of a total of 18 boats the Billfish team came out as the boat with most catches.Another team caught a… Read Full Report →

Tuna,tuna and more tuna

April 18, 2017

We were out with Mr Alexander and Anna with Dorado and shark on the wish list.With a very calm sea it was very hard to find Dorado's.We tried to find a school of bonitos to get some fresh bait… Read Full Report →

Released a Blue Marlin

March 26, 2017

We joined in the Black River Lions Club fishing competition.There was a very nice fleet of 20 teams participating.Marlin strikes were recorded as early as 15 minutes after the 7:00 a.m start.We raised our first marlin after about an… Read Full Report →

Add this to the list

February 01, 2017

Dorado and Blue Marlin were still missing on Mr Andy's fish species caught list.With this in mind we headed out to check a closeby FAD but there were already many boats there and the fishes were not biting.We saw… Read Full Report →

First big game fishing experience

January 28, 2017

With calm seas and Marlins around in numbers and not many schools of bonitos around we started the trip with our Malaysian customers with the idea of lure trolling for big fishes.An hour into the trip we got our… Read Full Report →

x mas present

December 24, 2016

We went out with Mr Nigel who is one of our regular customers for his third trip of this holiday.On the first trip we lost an estimated 600lbs blue marlin who took a lure.After some acrobatic moves the fish… Read Full Report →

The tough Black Marlin

December 10, 2016

We got a good adrenaline rush just an hour after we started this trip when an estimated 250 lbs Blue Marlin struck the shot gun lure.Mr Peter and his wife had invited one old couple onboard for their big… Read Full Report →

Beginers luck

December 09, 2016

Mr Klaus and his German friends wanted to give it a try at Big Game fishing though they had no fishing experience at all.The sea was a bit rough and two of them were starting to feel a bit… Read Full Report →

A 30 year old dream come true

December 08, 2016

On this second trip with Mr Nigel and his wife Sarah,a marlin was written in big letters on the wishlist.On our first trip we caught 3 bonitos and 4 dorados.Our customer,as a teenager,had always wanted to catch a marlin.Well,Mauritius… Read Full Report →

Big Yellowfin Tuna are here

March 07, 2016

During the months of March and April we have the big tuna migration and every year a lot of fisherman come to try their luck at catching one of these powerful fishes.They have arrived on time this year and… Read Full Report →

Lost a big fish

February 24, 2016

We headed straight south where very few boats had been fishing recently and caught some small Skipjack Tuna which were used as live bait.As the big predators were not interested with the fresh offering,after a couple of hours, we… Read Full Report →

big bonitos frenzy

February 22, 2016

Mr Timo and his sons were hoping to get an action packed full day fishing. Early during the trip it was quiet until we found a school of big Skipjack Tuna.Result : 11 Skipjack and sore arms... Read Full Report →


February 06, 2016

We started our day with our South Korean customers with some jigging.On the first drop Mr Choi's jig was lost to a wahoo and shortly afterwards he had a dogtooth tuna strike.About 45 mins jigging we moved on to… Read Full Report →

Good start to february

February 02, 2016

2 February,2 customers,2 blue marlins. It was a beginners' luck for our 2 Austrian customers.The skipjacks were around but not biting,so we trolled with artificial lures only and caught a 125 lbs and a 500 lbs blue marlin.We started… Read Full Report →

Dogtooth Tuna

January 31, 2016

Went out at 8:00 a.m with Mr Jacob and his son for half day.Caught 2 skipjack tuna and lost a couple of others in a school and we decided to use them as live bait as lure trolling was… Read Full Report →

Fish of the day

October 22, 2015

We were out for a full day with Mr Vincent and his family. The sea was a bit choppy and there was no bird activity early during the trip. We kept on trolling with lures and moved to deeper… Read Full Report →

Acrobatic Dorados

September 17, 2015

Headed out for a full day with Mr Dariusz and Mr Michael.The heavy swells from the previous day had died a bit but it was still a bit choppy.We went straight to look for the schools of skipjacks to… Read Full Report →

Skipjacks and dorados

August 28, 2015

Due to a very low tide,we started at 9:00 am.After an hour of trolling in a choppy sea,we came across a school of dorados that were feeding on flying fishes.Our lure spread did not attract them at all,so we… Read Full Report →

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Mauro B.
Biel/Bienne, BE

Extended Half Day Trip with Captain Billy and crew

VERIFIED   Octubre 12, 2019
We reserved our trip the day before and Billy confirmed it very fast. At 7AM Billy picked us up in a small boat and led us...
Mauro B. recommends Billfish
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  Billy Lamarque Captain replied

Stuart M.
Cardiff, WLS

Day fishing 5/2/20

VERIFIED   NEW  Febrero 5, 2020
couldn’t fault billy or his brother , prompt pick up ,very professional and friendly,had a cracking day out with them...
Stuart M. recommends Billfish
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  Billy Lamarque Captain replied

Marcus B.

A day with billy and his big brother.

VERIFIED   Junio 26, 2019
What a day. From start to finish, from the moment I was picked up by boat from the hotel I was staying at, nothing was to much...
Marcus B. recommends Billfish
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  Billy Lamarque Captain replied

Gregory H.
Pointe Aux Sables, Black River District

Extended half day trip with Billy

Mayo 12, 2019
Excellent trip from start to finish, we got picked up and dropped off from our hotel jetty which was great. Billy and Jerome...
Gregory H. recommends Billfish
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  Billy Lamarque Captain replied

Anders B.
Helsinki, Uusimaa
I´ve done fishing tours with Bill Fish for appr. 10 years. The boat is always tip top and the crew have become my friends....
Anders B. recommends Billfish
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  Billy Lamarque Captain replied