Fresh River Valley Charters Fishing Reports
Junio 23, 2019
The past 2 weeks have brought fishing conditions that separate the men from the boys! We had to work for every fish that we caught! Key word...WORK!...When the fish close their mouths it doesn't mean they can't be caught. It simply means you have to bust your hump to figure out exactly what it takes to trigger them to strike! You can stick the rods in the water and stare at them all day, but if theyre not biting there is ALWAYS a reason. Changing lures, colors, lead distance from the ball, speed, depth...its all part of the process, especially on tough days. If the person rigging the rods is at any time sitting still on a tough day then theyre doing it wrong! We were able to pull some impressive King salmon out of the lake over our past 2 weeks of fishing, along with some beautiful lake trout. Pictured above is one of those Kings, and if we told other anglers competing in the same area for the same fish what speed we were running our boat to catch fish that day, they'd probably call us liars! Sometimes you've gotta throw the textbook away, or better yet...find some blank pages and write your own chapter in the book! Overall fishing has been exceptional this year! Mature kings have been averaging 17-20lbs with some over 20 making their way into the boat. Lake trout have been a mixture of year classes, ranging anywhere from 10 to 18 pounds. To make things better, we are FINALLY getting some long overdue sunshine! The LOC Derby begins this Saturday June 29th, with cash prizes for top 20 fish in each category and Grand prize of $10,000 for biggest Salmon! There is also $500 and $1000 prizes for biggest fish of the week each week. Its a great time to enjoy yourself on the water, and for those that are looking for a more "competitive" day of fishing, enter the derby and let us try and put you on the leader board! -Capt Ben Roggie
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Benjamin Roggie
Henderson, New York, United States
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From the height of summer to the depths of winter, River Valley Charters will show you Lake Ontario’s best fishing. Captain Ben Roggie runs trips from Henderson Harbor NY, the trophy fishing destination for discriminating anglers! This corner of Lak...