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8 hrs with Captain Mario & 1st Mate Romeo
Bruce Z. ha pescado con Dream On Sport Fishing – 32' el Febrero 4, 2020
Feb. is not the best fishing month. Never the less we caught 3 nice mahi mahi .But just as exciting for the women aboard were the hundreds of dolphins & jumping stingrays , with many turtles & flying fish. All in all it was a great time.
Good experience
Woody E. ha pescado con Boos Adventures el Enero 20, 2020
Just go with the flow. They know what they are doing.
Mahi mania
Eduardo W. ha pescado con Barrilete el Diciembre 4, 2019
Great time for rooster , snapper and mahi although bill fish bite coming on a little early too. Blame that on al gore I guess.
Awesome Day!!
Tracey S. ha pescado con Pacific Boat Rentals - Mad Marlin el Julio 20, 2019
Full day is best to get out as far as you need to fish for the big fish. Bathe yourself in sunscreen!
3/4 day with Captain Alberto
Mike S. ha pescado con Blue Pearl II - 32' Hatteras el Julio 15, 2019
Make sure you come during the season of the fish that you want to catch.
Full day trip with Alberto and Jessie
Julie M. ha pescado con I Got You Sport Fishing el Julio 9, 2019
Fish with Jessie and his dad, they were awesome!
Half day trip with Capt. Jorge
Vanessa C. ha pescado con Barrilete el Junio 30, 2019
These excursions are not for the hardcore fishermen types who want to do everything, i.e., bait the hooks, throw the lines out, etc.,
Full day trip with Will and George!
Robert D. ha pescado con Allin Sportfishing - 28’ Mako el Junio 14, 2019
Check the reviews on fishingbooker.com and book your trip from there. Allin Sportfishing out of Herradura was awesome.
Full day 30'
Albert A. ha pescado con Papagayo Charters - 30' Tuna Fish el Abril 28, 2019
Choose what you want to catch. Fishing is different for the species targeted.
Half day trip with Capt Just
Randall F. ha pescado con Coyote Sportfishing – Coyote 10 el Abril 26, 2019
No frills, your out there to fish. Must take camera that takes videos or take a go pro.