Bananas, SCHAMANAS!!!

April 11, 2018 by Hank Valencia

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Okay, like many other anglers, I have discouraged my guests from bringing bananas on board my vessel. Always.

It is no secret that bananas are bad luck when it comes to boats and fishing, and I have my own examples and experiences to support the claim. But now, I’m not so sure! I recently took out a Father and his 2 young boys for a half day trip and upon informing them of the need to leave their bananas behind, they balked. They wanted to bring them, and so, they did.  Even tho I told them that it would be their own fault,  if the bite was slow.

What happened soon after, may have cured me of my banana superstition. From the first cast to the last, we absolutely POUNDED quality sized Pompano and Sheepshead, even a big “Gator” Trout. The fishing was absolutely “bananas” and will be a trip none of us, will soon forget.! Check out the pics!

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