Galveston Fishing Report 4-23-18

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If the forecasts hold, this could be the best week so far this year for fishing. The water is warming and a light wind is supposed to prevail most of the week, with very small chances of thunderstorms.

Monday, the beachfront was almost flat and the water was rapidly clearing up after last weekend’s strong winds and thunderstorms. This could be one of those opportunities to get in on some early-season action around the jetties and the beachfront.

Offshore seas should be tolerable for smaller boats, and, for those who are able to head out this week, some of the first pelagic fish of the year could be your reward. Ling in particular are likely to be making a run to the shallow waters along the beachfront and around the jetties.

Early Monday, there were no signs of activity in the surf; however, keep an eye open for mullet jumping and birds, especially pelicans and seagulls, diving for bait. That will be a sure sign that fish are feeding along the beach front.

East and West Bays will benefit from the nice conditions, and, as a bonus, tides will become progressively stronger as the week goes on and as we head for next Monday’s full moon.

Our only fishing report Monday came from the 61st Street Fishing Pier where whiting, gafftop and Atlantic sharp nose sharks were being caught.

We all know that in April we cannot depend on light winds lasting long. So, the next few days could be an excellent time to take advantage of this window of opportunity.

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