Fast Limit on Erie, Fishing is HOT

May 14, 2018 by John Seiler

Trip Info

The Catch

Buddy and I went out Monday morning walleye fishing, we left the dock around 6:30am and started fishing around 6:50am. Lake was extremely flat that morning so we decided upon trolling, In Ohio your only allowed to use 2 rods per person so we were only using 4 rods, 2 on each side of the boat. we didn’t even get 2 rods in the water before we had our first fish on. Limit is 6 per person right now and the last fish came into the boat at 8:01am. I was a fantastic morning out on Lake Erie, one of those days you wished you had more people on the boat to stay out longer. Although a storm was blowing in on us so it was pretty nice to get done pretty quick that particular morning lol.

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