4 hr Offshore Live Bait Trolling

July 20, 2015 by Guy Spear

Trip Info


I fished with Roxanne, Susan and Noah today. We started out catching live bait (menhaden aka pogies) in a backwater area. Bait has been hit or miss the last couple of days and we were lucky to get a couple dozen good ones. The run out to the 9 mile area was a breeze (no pun intended) and we were fishing in 20 minutes or so. First strike came after just a few minutes and was only on for a 100 yard or so run before something bit it off (barracuda eating our king mackerel). We then had a double on the outriggers (which turned into just one and a tangle with the other rigger) that I had to hand line in the last 20 feet, king mackerel that weighted 22.0 pounds. Next up was a snake (small king) on the down rigger then back to the outrigger (20#s 14oz). A short dry spell then another on the outrigger (12#s) and one on the downrigger (19#s4oz). We were just about out of pogies at this point and the downrigger screamed off again. Pulled the hooks next to the boat on a kingfish that looked to be about mid teens. At this point we decided to go look for an Amberjack with what live bait we had left and what little time we had left. Made one drift over some structure and caught/released a short Amberjack about 25"s. Time up. We had a very fast paced morning to be sure. Lets go fishing. See you on the pond. Capt. Guy

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