Fun half day for some college friends

July 14, 2018 by Capullo Sportfishing

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The Catch
Tuna (Yellowfin)

When we asked the clients what they wanted to catch, they originally answered with “we’d just be happy with fish.” Then on the run out, one of the guys was talking about how his dad had a mount of a trophy sailfish that he had landed. “I would like to land a trophy sailfish like my dad.” We told him that we would try, but we couldn’t guarantee billfish on a half day charter, as the bite is sometimes in the afternoon.

After rigging for sailfish and trolling, we successfully landed two large sailfish, which made our client’s day.

Then we encountered a school of tuna, which the guys had great fun reeling in. On one retrieval, a big bull shark breached out of the water and took a tuna, which added more excitement to the day.

What a great half day charter!

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