Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Fort Lauder
Agosto 14, 2018 Fort Lauderdale 4 Fotos

Trip Summary

As you can see by all the photos of anglers who have joined us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin on a deep sea fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale we have had some very nice catches. 90% of the fish in those photos were taken in water less than 150 feet in depth. A quick reference again in this report that 150 foot depth here is barely over a mile from the shore off greater Fort Lauderdale and the strong action continues if not right out front then very near to our inlet. As we have mentioned before this is a great time of year to bend the rods consistently along the reef lines and just off their edge and this has been holding true for some time now. As you can see in the photos of this report and our last one there are some Sailfish around. Once again those Sailfish have come to our baits in 150 feet of water or less. Fishing as in all endeavors has some catchy sayings that so very often ring true. “Never leave fish to find fish”. Pretty sensible right? How about “Don’t overshoot the fish” That one is dead on lately as the best fishing continues so near shore you can practically count the people on the beach as we cross back and forth over the reefs and wrecks. Kingfsh, Tuna, False Albacore, Wahoo and Sailfish are all right there. Snappers and hard fighting Jacks of various species are holding regularly on structure and small wrecks in those same depths. Big summertime Barracudas muscling in on the action, and also some summertime Tiger Sharks along with others showing right there in those depths and slightly deeper if you wish to go a few rounds with one of them. See you on the rip, and good fishing and tight lines to you all, from all of us here!
Rick Brady
Fort-lauderdale, Florida, United States
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Kids and fishing in Ft. Lauderdale
Kids and fishing in Ft. Lauderdale
Diciembre 17, 2020
A quick report about fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale involving children. Simple answer is to bring them along. For one we have large safe and comfortable boats.46.5 and 53 feet long. Keeps them as stable as possible (you too). Also our inlet is over 50 feet deep, and deep is best for making the transition from inland to ocean. The inlets to each side of us are a fraction of that 50 foot depth, and can really get sporty with the right (or wrong might be a better choice of words) combination of tides and wind. We have pint sized flotation devices for pint sized kids, not just children and adult sizes. Pint sized rod assortment also to complement our arsenal of big game stuff for bigger kids and adults. We carry many kids on our fishing trips in Ft. Lauderdale, and very often the parents on those charters allot at least a good portion of time directed at catching appropriate sized fish for the younger set. We know, we have kids of our own. As you are likely aware, private charters are a flat rate regardless of the number of persons , just don't exceed the 6 person maximum. So bring your kids of all ages and your camera, and pocket that babysitter money. Enjoy the included photos of the younger set that have all joined us here aboard Marlin My Darlin. It is said “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Pictured are Kings, Bonito, Tunas. Barracudas, Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, even Shark, a real kid pleaser, and of course the young anglers Most recently are the first four pics of Ashley's kids fishing with us Tuesday morning on a half day trip three days ago. Our next report will have photos of the same species with kids AND adults, as that is what is happening now. Tight lines, Happy Holidays. For questions and all reservations Capt. Rick @ 954-778-8173
Stellar weather and some nice catches
Stellar weather and some nice catches
Diciembre 15, 2020
Gone is that cooler weather and I for one am missing it. We get plenty of warm days here and we are right back into the low 80s today, fresh off of an 85 degree high yesterday. And the last four days have brought calm fishing conditions creating an almost totally flat ocean surface. That's calm. Blue skies, few if any clouds. I believe the term is “Chamber of commerce days”. Shorts and t shirts for sure as so much of the country tonight is digging out. I never was one for digging out the snow being a south Florida boy, but a tad (just a tad) cooler wouldn't upset me in the least. December fishing (should I say catching) has traditionally been erratic. And this year is no different, but we have had some very nice fish on our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale. Good days on the Pelagics like these Sailfish picture posted along with this report. Blackfin Tunas as usual just off the reefs edges. Some Groupers and Snappers have been hitting the ice. Some Mahi-Mahi, but they have backed off the last couple of days. So please enjoy the photos of recent photos of anglers and fish, but bear in mind it is mid December, and there are difficult days. We are now fishing most every day as evidenced by the abundance of photos. For the next week we are looking at only a single forecast where rain might be an issue, and that being less than a 1 in 2 chance of getting wet somewhere throughout the course of that day. So it's south Florida in mid December, a good place to be. We'll be off the dock early tomorrow and hopefully it will offer good chances at good fish and not be one of the erratic days. We'll push it here until the fat lady sings, and have fun along the way, either way. Any questions and all reservations direct with me @ 954-778-8173. Tight lines, see you on the rip. Rick