Acrobatic Dorados
Septiembre 17, 2015 Le Morne 1 foto

Trip Summary

Headed out for a full day with Mr Dariusz and Mr Michael.The heavy swells from the previous day had died a bit but it was still a bit choppy.We went straight to look for the schools of skipjacks to get fresh bait for some livebaiting as this time of the year the big black marlins start to feed on the skipjacks close to the drop off.After catching 8 skipjacks we started slow trolling marlin and only got a sharkbite on one of the two baits in the water.Shortly after,one of the customers started to feel seasick so we decided to do lure trolling again and move to a more sheltered area.The next 4 hrs or so was very quiet with no fish and not even bird activity.The team then decided to move to a nearby FAD where we managed to hook 4 magnificent acrobatic Dorados which gave our customers very enjoyable fights.We managed to get 3 and lost 1...........
Billy Lamarque
Le-morne, Mauritius
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Have you ever dreamed of reeling in a Billfish in the pearlescent waters of Mauritius, but you aren’t a die-hard angler with decades of fishing experience? Your dream is a reality with Billfish! Captain Billy Lamarque will put you on the most presti...

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