Mahis on the Lady Lola

Trip Info


We went on a 4-hour trip with a couple who was celebrating their wedding anniversary; the wife surprised her husband with a fishing charter during their Punta Cana vacation. 
It was a beautiful day. The sea was calm, the sun was shining, and everyone was looking forward to the fishing action as we spotted some birds feeding nearby. 
Sure enough, the mahis were there, feeding as well, and they attacked our bait.  Soon, everyone was reeling a mahi in: the couple, Moreno (our first mate), and even the captain with a rod on the fly bridge, which he passed down to the first person available.  It was crazy action for about half an hour and then it died down, only to pick up when we spotted the telltale birds again. 
The clients had a fun time, although I think their arms might have been sore by the end of the four hours!  We caught a total of 18 mahi mahi and 1 rainbow runner before coming back to the marina at noon.

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