Blue Eye Trevella in Port Fairy, Vic
Noviembre 28, 2015 Port Fairy 8 Fotos

Trip Summary

The sea was fairly good,sky overcast with 1m westerly sea and 3-4m S-W swell dropping to 1-2m swell and 1/2m sea on Sunday.Went out about 32nm south of Port Fairy.On Saturday we explored a lot of deep reefs down to 600m using our miyh epoch electric reels.Good thing we have the reels as it takes nearly 15 minutes to come up from 600m deep.We only managed one Gemfish on Saturday .But after a good nights sleep anchored up in 200m of water,Sunday was more eventful.After breakfast at 6.00 am we decided to drift over a 100m canyon hooking up immediately.By the end we had 18 Blue Eye Trevella,5 Gemfish and 3 Blue Grenadier.The biggest was a 1.2m Grenadier.On Saturday we were delighted to see a Sperm whale cruising on the surface,also a lot of dolphins surfing near the boat and a pod of pilot whales along with a lot of different birds.
Barry Pender
Port-fairy, Victoria, Australia
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Southern Coast Charters are a family-owned and operated business, which runs the largest and most comfortable fishing charters in the region, based in Port Fairy. Skipper Barry Pender has been fishing for over 50 years, so you can be sure of his skills to...

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