Julio 15, 2019 Río San Juan 6 fotos

Trip Summary

We fished Aug 12, 2019 with a group of four friends from Las Terrenas, and had a real blast catching deepwater groupers and snappers. Some of the species we caught were, Mystic Groupers, Silk Snappers, and yellow-eyed snappers. We even caught a strange Bronze Whaler Shark, in super deep water, and released him. We were fishing two electric assisted deep drop outfits, fitted with 80# test super braid and we used up to 8# of weight to hold bottom. The depth that was most productive was around the 200fathom range, which is 1,200` deep. I have been fishing in this general area for more than 10 years now, and just picking a few fish off of each spot, and guarding and respecting this fishery, and it has really paid off for us! We use regular, frozen grocery store squid for bait mainly, and sometimes use freshly caught yellowfin tuna or blackfin tuna or bonito. We finished off the day by anchoring up on the deep nearshore reef in 90` of water and caught a nice bunch of small groupers and snappers all on ultra-light tackle. So if you would like to book a trip with me, just get in touch with my friends at FishingBooker, and book a trip! Thanks for reading my report and I look forward to seeing some of you in the future for fishing.
Randy Rode
Rio-san-juan, Dominican Republic
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