220 lb Tarpon caug ht on charter
Septiembre 14, 2019 Miami 3 fotos

Trip Summary

Congrats 220lb Tarpon for my angler Reid on his 13th birthday and its his firstTarpon ! it’s the biggest to date on my boat. It was 87 inches long and had a girth of 39 we used the Jerald Ault formula to estimate weight it gave us 220lb. Regardless of weight what a beast north of 200lb and everyone was more than pleased to see this fish swim away healthy. We took a lot of time to revive the fish. No one wanted to see this Tarpon die or get eaten by sharks. What a 13th ibirthday Tarpon! More pics and videos to follow. Live mullet spin gear 50lb braid
Fraser Simpson
Miami, Florida, United States
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Fly & Fish With Fraser is a unique charter in the waters of Miami, focused on providing exciting fishing for Tarpon. Whether you prefer to fly or spin, are a seasoned angler or just starting out, trips aboard Fly & Fish With Fraser are the ones to...

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