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Octubre 15, 2019 Aransas Pass 4 fotos

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The past four nights the gigging has remained good except one night. The lighter winds the past couple of nights, the water clarity has been the best that I’ve seen in a while. The tide level is still very high and bait fish are hiding somewhere else, seeing hardly any while gigging. Mostly all the fish have been laying on a hard sand bottom with some on dead grass, tight up against the bank and tucked up underneath mangrove trees. It’s been taking 3-3.5 hours to find a 20 flounder limit. Thanks guys for the trips! **hidden content** Troy Kinder and Group of six with 19 flounder by 1:30am! **hidden content** Chris Branch and Group of four with a 20 flounder limit by 10:15pm! **hidden content** Tyler Howell and Group of four with their 20 flounder limit by 10:45pm! **hidden content** Bobby Humphrey and Group of four with their 20 flounder limit by 11pm! ?Upcoming Available Dates? • TUESDAY 12/3 • THURSDAY 12/5 • SUNDAY 12/8 • WEDNESDAY 12/11
David Dupnik
Aransas-pass, Texas, United States
Surrender At Sunrise – Flounder Gigging Trips thumbnail
Surrender At Sunrise is your key to something different, unique, and exciting on the waters of Aransas Pass, Texas. Be a real hunter at least for a night. Try Flounder gigging with the pros! Think of the quiet and serene bays, calm waters, and the winds t...

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