Lost 3 Blue marlin

December 09, 2019 by Billy Lamarque

Trip Info


We were out with Mr Robert and his friends from Sweden .Main target was Big Fish.With a flat sea we gave up trying to get live bait and set our lure spread instead.It was really quiet for the first three hours until we had the starboard short corner lure screaming.The estimated 175 lbs blue marlin started tailwalking over the other lines and got tangled with another short corner lure.Strangely after about 15 minutes the fish freed itself from those hooks.We reset the lures and an hour later we had another strike.This time it was a bigger fish about 600 lbs that we lost after about 10 minutes into the fight due to a straightened hook.We re started all over again and had another strike just 10 minutes later.The estimated 500 lbs marlin was fought for about 45 minutes before it was lucky enough to free itself.We finished our trip with no fishes but 3 happy customers….

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