Inshore Wrecks on Fire

March 18, 2016 by Guy Spear

Trip Info

The Catch
Seabass (Black)

Fishing with Wes and his family on a Full Day (8hr) Offshore trip. We started with a favorite sea bass spot. Game ON. I don’t know how many we caught because a lot of them were shorts (under 13”). A cobia came to play on a bottom rod baited with cut squid (only the second one I’ve seen caught this way) about 30 #s. Then we hooked up a huge stingray that we released after catching one of the two cobia that was with him. All the while were kept catching sea bass (for the box) and red snapper (all released as the season is closed). Next we looked for some vermillion snapper - caught more sea bass, red snapper, grunts, vermillion snapper and trigger fish. Stayed busy all day. Gorgeous day and fun people to fish with. I look forward to our next trip. Thanks, Capt. Guy

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