The one that that didn't get away
Febrero 23, 2015 Nadi 4 fotos

Trip Summary

Captain Azam from Malolo fisher here . I had Ben and Natasha for some serious fishing on the Valentine's Day . To make it special , I thought of using the digital electric reel with the giant yellow fin tuna on that day positioning her on shot gun . Day started of great with the first hook up on a 15 kg yellow fin tuna on the out rigger on a 15 kg shimano tiagra . Happy days !!! Got one !!! Didn't take long when the same rod went off again with a 300 kg blue marlin that was jumping around on its tail . For a big fish Iike that , it's an amazing sight . My crew Mo goes like , oh my .... The reel peeled and smoked and to my surprise , the other outrigger goes off too... A SAIL FISH ..... All just happened in a couple of blinks and wasn't long when both the fish got freed from having a crossed line , running in to each other . Alas ..... Still trying to get over it , as a stage of shock that we lost both the fish , with the lures and the line .... The electric reel on shot goes off ..... These guys were on fire .... Fishing for big tuna is a normal thing but on digital electric reel was unusual on a special day. You gotta try out to know what happens . Well ... A few things happened that day and I'd like to share . The beast of a tuna had no mercy and peeled of 450m straight down deep with in seconds . To my surprise , all the wires connected to the batteries started smoking and pretty much heated up . By the time time we disconnected the fittings , the fuses blew off and all the electric equips shut down including the gps . Motors were running . Just when I realized , it wasn't a good idea to use those electric reels on this unmerciful beast of the yellow fin tuna . Too late though ... She was on !!!! It was 0630 pm , half an hour to sunset and I knew it would get pitch dark soon . So I called Captain Bob for back up as we were still a fair way away while we fought the the beast . It took us 2 and a half hours straight to see the fish . We landed the fish just before Bob arrived and followed him back to shore . Have attached some pics below and it was hell of a Valentine's day .... Our gamefish will run through out March and if you looking for an adventure , now is the time . But no electric reels this time ....
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