Yellow tail have been on fire
Julio 11, 2020 Key Largo 3 fotos
Snapper (Yellowtail)
Snapper (Yellowtail)

Trip Summary

Yellowtails are all over the reefs right now. The bite is hot in the middle of the tide. Use alot if chum with oats thrown in. A very easy way to get them to see the chum slick and come closer is to keep a bucket filled with oats and mix with water. This will way down the oats making it sink slowly with the current. You should wait anywhere between 20-60 minutes before actaully casting any lines behind your boat. That way you bring in the yellowtail close without any fear from predators. Use light tackle with maximum 20lb flurocarbon leader. At the end use a small hook like a 1/0 or smaller. Use any kind if silversides or small white bait and cast off the back and let it drift back in the chum. Your bail on the reel should be open and free flowing. Once you get a bite the line will begin to leave your bail fast. Let the line take for about 2-3 seconds then simply close the bail and set the hook on the fish. Repeat this process until the cooler is full. Tight Lines.
Alexander Monteagudo
Key-largo, Florida, United States
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